Ann Vanessa Acosta asked how to say

go to hell

in Spanish. 18 Aug 12


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Nikolay answered 20 Aug 12

Well, I think Ann wanted to send somebody in "that" direction; if so, it would be as
¡Vete al infierno! (verb "ir" in Imperatif of course; literally means "you go (vete) to hell!" :-)

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Michael Johnston answered 20 Aug 12

Yo diría: "Vete al infierno" o "vete al diablo" o "ir a la mierda". Todo el mismo sentimiento.

I would say "Go to hell" or "go to the devil" or "go to shit". All the same sentiment.

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issam answered 18 Aug 12

ir al infierno
ir al diablo

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Ann Vanessa Acosta answered 13 Jul 13

thank you guys for responding

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